Fondant Rubber Ducky Tutorial

This sweet project is both simple, and quick to make. These little duckies are great for Baby Showers, First Birthdays, and fans of cute little ducks! The size of your duck is completely up to you, and can be easily adjusted depending on your project. Happy Ducking!

First, What You Will Need is:

Small amount of yellow and orange fondant
Two different sized circle cutters
Rolling Pin
Exacto Knife
Black Edible Marker
Water Brush or Paint brush and water

Let's Begin!


To begin our duckies, I rolled the yellow fondant flat, to about an 1/8 of an inch. Then took two different sized circled cutters, and cut out two of each size.


Next, roll the smallest circle into a ball for the head and roll the bigger circle into a log for the body. At the end of the log, pinch for a small tail.


Using a little water, attach the head to the body.


Taking your small piece of orange fondant, roll flat and cut out two small triangles for the beak with an Exacto tool. Using a little water attach the beak to the head.
Using a black edible marker, add two dots for eyes.


This is the final product! You can see it is easy to embellish your ducky with small flowers, eyelashes, and maybe even a bow!