BEST pound cake I've ever had in my life!

Nicole Elisa

I just had a taste of Missie’s cakes from my aunt, Gessie. I normally don’t experiment with cakes, but Missie’s is definitely worth it!

Five stars!


On Valentine’s Day, I surprised my sweetheart by whisking him off to a hotel for a romantic night. I had everything arranged: childcare, rental car, special gift, etc. What put the icing on the cake, or should I say cupcake, was Missie’s half-dozen sweetheart cupcakes! What a perfect treat waiting in our room after dinner. You could taste the freshness, the love, and flavor in each bite. She even went out of her way to deliver them on time for the surprise, including a special delivery tray so they wouldn't “melt” or get ruined in route. Thank you, Missie and Oh Taste & See… !

Missie made our wedding cake

Jalaylia W

My husband and I hired Oh Taste and See to make our wedding cake. It was fantastic! Multi-tier, variety of flavors, and tropical theme perfection! I would highly recommend Oh Taste and See for any event (weddings, parties, and holidays). If you haven't experienced these cakes I encourage you to "taste and see" the best cakes ever!"

The cinnamon pound cake was wonderful

Dolores Adriaanse

I experienced an "Oh Taste & See" cake at my dear friend's baby shower. I loved everything from the cake to the icing and the let's not forget about the adorable "chocolate babies"! My friend says that all your cakes are made with love and the taste says it all!

Kansas City, Kansas

Danielle C

So I had the cake yesterday at the Barefield Wedding and it was quite amazing. I had the bottom layer of the main cake with the fruit middle. I am so upset I didn't get any of the white chocolate ameretto. Thank you, it was really great!

I hired Oh Taste for my husband's birthday bash

June Wilson

He’s a screenwriter, and the cake depicted the name of his first screenplay. Missie is that good. The scrumptious, moist sweet-potato pound cake was the talk of the party. She also made two small poundcups for two guests who happen to have birthdays on the same day, which was such a thoughtful touch. Highly recommended.

I had the cake at a wedding today

Sonia C

The cake!!! The cake!!! T'was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! I have never tasted pound cake like this before. Actually...I have never tasted CAKE like this before. Woohoo!!! Go "Oh Taste & See"!!!


Valencia P

If you really like cake, I mean really like it you have to taste Missie's cake you will be amazed, I was. Taste and see....

You won't be dissapointed!!

Carin J

Oh Taste and See made my God Daughter's Birthday cake in the shape of two butterflies. Not only were all the guest amazed at how they looked they could not stop raving about the way they tasted.The total package and I would certainly recommend that you order your cake today!!!

Oh taste and see indeed!

Lorraine D

More than just Philly's finest, this moist, delicious pound cake is out of this world!!! I am sending one to a few of my friends in D.C. for the holidays. I can't go wrong giving this amazing gift!